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Hormann Marantec Commercial VTA Operators

Hormann Marantec Commercial VTA Operators

The Complete Commercial Door Solution

Marantec’s direct drive operator is ideal for all commercial track configurations, including standard lift and low headroom applications. This operator may be mounted in side-shaft or center mount configuration.

The customizable “soft” start and “soft” stop feature allows minimum wear on the door and opener. Zero plastic internal components coupled with a steel and brass gear system and result in years of reliable operation — up to 20 cycles per hour and 450 total cycles per day.

This line of operators is built to last in commercial applications, and features a multitude of convenient accessories. No matter which Marantec opener suits your needs, you will never compromise on quality.

2 Years or 40k Cycle on VTA Operator

Marantec Commercial VTA Operator Features

Marantec VTA 14-61 series operatorMarantec VTA 11-62 series operatorMarantec VTA 11-72 series operator
ModelVTA 14-61VTA 11-62VTA 11-72
ApplicationFor spring-balanced commercial doors (up to 200 sq.ft.)Heavier Duty for spring-balanced commercial sectional doors (up to 270 sq.ft.)Heaviest gearing for commercial spring balanced sectional doors (up to 310 sq.ft) or Rolling Steel
TechnologyDC Motor for Spring Balanced Sectional DoorsDC Motor for large Spring Balanced Sectional DoorsDC Motor for super heavy Spring Balanced Sectional Doors and Rolling Steel Doors
Ultra Quiet OperationYesYesYes
Customizable Soft Start / Soft Stop with Self-Learning ForceYesYesYes
Programmable Speed LevelYesYesYes
Maximum Door Size200 sq. ft.270 sq. ft.310 sq. ft.
Door Height (depending on drum size)17 ft.25 ft.25 ft.
20+ Cycles Per Hour Rating, up to 450 per dayYesYesYes
Weight18 lbs.26 lbs.26 lbs.
Designed For1” Solid Torsion Shaft or Hollow Torsion Tube1” Solid Torsion Shaft1” and 1.25” Solid Torsion Shaft

Hörmann Exclusive

Innovative Mounting Option

Hörmann has partnered exclusively with Marantec to provide a unique mounting option for commercial operators.

Mounting Bracket

These innovative track-mounting brackets require minimal side room. This allows the operator to float freely, eliminating bulky installations or pad requirement which affords more free wall space.

Marantec Commercial VTA Operator

Optional Accessories

315bMHz Remote Activation Kit

Battery Backup 700 24VDC 7 AH with Mounting Bracket

Fraba - NEMA 1 Photo Eye Kit

VTA Drive Shaft Adapter - Keyed Solid Shaft 1”

Fraba - NEMA 4X Photo Eye Kit

Signal Light 950 -Amber

Fraba - YC 1001 Y-Connect Kit

Marantec Commercial VTA Operator Download

Marantec VTA Collection

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Marantec Commercial VTA Operator Brochure

Download PDF (1.7 MB)

Bracket Mount Installation Instructions

csm hormann downloads pdf logo ca7f9bda1b

Bracket Mount Installation Instructions

Download PDF (1.0 MB)

Programming & Troubleshooting Guide

csm hormann downloads pdf logo ca7f9bda1b

Programming & Troubleshooting Guide

Download PDF (17.0 MB)